My letter – December 2013

Dear Friend,

Exactly a year ago I embarked on a project to explore my latest, most unsettling question, how big can I give? What a year of discovery it has been! My conclusions are drawn up and I am clear about the incredible actions I will now take. Read about my exploration, what the people I have worked with in 2013 say about me and my decisions for 2014. Receive my thanks for your support this year.

Back in 2012 I read about Jamie Catto’s ‘What about you?’ workshop promising to help me plan and execute my most precious creative project. I signed up because I needed support designing my exploration. I was feeling fairly confident I had already discovered ways to share my unique gift, the ability to motivate and inspire dreamers wanting to make their difference, but I also felt fearful and a little confused.

“Imagine a wonderful ball of energy that instantly expands to fill the space you are in.  One that is compassionate, energising and enabling. This is Fritha.”

I knew the last time I had answered a big life question, I had quite simply transformed my life leaving a full time job at Save the Children and starting my own business, Believe YOU can make a difference. The transformation, whilst utterly incredible and far from something I regret did not happen effortlessly. Was I ready for the changes that would follow finding the next answer?

“Fritha is an awesome guide and coach.”

‘What about you?’ – Using clever visualisations and mind mapping tools, mixed up with music and humour, Jamie helped me clarify my vision,  I wanted to live in a world where anyone who dreams of making their difference makes it. Suddenly I felt able to give myself permission to align my life around my true purpose. I would unlock ideas, energy, love and commitment from people’s dreams to drive the creation of a world which was sustainable, fairer, safer and happier.

“It is great to work with somebody who has identified their own dream of how to make their difference in a BIG way.”

I wanted to reach more dreamers, faster and decided to create a workshop, similar to Jamie’s.  Jamie agreed to coach/mentor me whilst I designed my content. Hours of discussion over Skype followed and then after a magical walk in a snowy wood, hey presto! I had a rough outline for a two day workshop, which of course I would call How big can you give? (Thank you Jamie)

“I was intrigued by Fritha’s vision as soon as I met her and was therefore really happy to work with her when she asked. She is different and passionate and I would not hesitate to recommend people to work with her to realise their dreams.”

A whirlwind of activity followed; writing and designing marketing material (thank you Malcolm), photo shoots and filming (thank you Andrew) deciding on dates to run the workshops, finding and booking venues, and finally hatching and executing a plan to get people signed up (thank you Aimee). People signed up and I gave places away as gifts, I wanted to fill the workshops but also be gentle with myself and my expectations, I told myself it was just a pilot. Thank you for helping me spread the word – you read my e-shots, you answered my phone calls and emails and liked my Facebook status updates, you thought of contacts who might be interested and shared the details with them, some of you even booked a place! I was relentless and you listened and acted. I felt completely supported throughout – thank you

“Fritha has an incredibly passionate and determined spirit.”

The first workshop happened, I knew it was what I was supposed to be doing and it felt bloody great!

“Fritha has a fizzy, infectious energy. She uses this to help generate a heightened, creative atmosphere and has the skills to help us pin actions down through practical exercises.”

Listening to people describe their life long dreams, confirmed my hunch, I am definitely not the only one that dreams of helping others and healing the world. Behind everyone’s personal goals there something far bigger. If just some of the people who attended my 2013 workshops realise their dreams we will live in a world where all corporations gave 1% of their income to charity, work life balance is accepted and encouraged by all, nobody is lonely, women are empowered and able to make their own choices, everyone has a voice and is listened to, everyone is awake and aware, people who are dreamless find their dream. I want to live in this world and I therefore I dedicate my life to serving these brave and courageous dreamers.

“Fritha has the skills to help us pin actions down through practical exercises giving our dreams direction. I came away with a clear vision, mission statement and action plan.”

This year’s major discovery has to be around permission. I realised that often not feeling we have the right to save the world is what stops us from fulfilling our dreams. I believe everyone has this right and I am going to go on a crusade to share my belief and to give everyone permission. To help me I am conjuring up the support of my greatest ally, Giving Girl. She is the super hero I have always dreamed to be. She is wonderful. Click here to meet her…

“I must admit I entered into the weekend with a certain amount anticipation that the group would be full of new age do-gooders with a shining history of philanthropy – would I be enough?”

To give is to live – I end this year obsessed with the concept of giving. I have plans to research and read more about it. I will use this new knowledge to strengthen my workshop content. Believing that the proof is so often in the pudding I will also closely follow the actions of those I have dreamed with. I want to use their journeys to inspire others – if they can do it, so can I!

My question was Fritha, how big can you give? I feel I have nearly explained how giving big will look for me going forward. To complete my explanation I am delighted to tell you that my own workshop helped me to grasp my biggest dream and put it into action. This dream had been lurking in the depths of my heart for as long as I can remember. My dream is to become a UK foster mum. Read all about my journey through the words of one of my dearest friends, Antonia.

“We left the workshop feeling newly confident and ready to take our lives into a higher, more satisfying gear.”

Do you want to know how big you can give? Book onto a 2014 workshop now.

To give is to live,


Wonderful dreamers, thank you for coming on my workshops, I look forward to continuing to work with you in 2014:

Chris, Arline, Tom, Frankie, Marliese, Heather, Vicki, Malcolm, Ewan, Ciara, Lucy, Robbo, Surinder, Lizzie, Aimee, Anja, Diana, Kristen, Kulvinder, Oonagh, Stephen, Janet, Rosie, Keir, Davina, Rosie, Sally, Emily and Meher

Special thanks…
Jamie Catto – thank you for alighting my project, encouraging me and helping me find my voice
Malcolm Gilbertson – thank you for designing me the most exciting and unusual flyer, it really set the scene for the year
Andrew Crimp – thank you for taking photos, filming me and being so patient
Aimee Faunt – thank you for editing me, hanging out with me and helping me spread the word
Antonia Godber thank you for listening to me, challenging me to be clearer about my message, celebrating with me every time somebody signed up and for writing about my journey to motherhood
Chris Winstanley – thank you for being my first friend to sign up and give me some wonderfully honest feedback and timely encouragement
Ailsa Vincent, my mummy – thank you for simply believing in me and never questioning my rather unusual path
Laura Luscombe – thank you for being so proud of me and never forgetting to text good luck
Simon Willows – thank you for creating the most beautiful and giving space, The Tent, for me to run the workshops in and to Sarah Roberts for connecting us up